Bottery delivers bespoke
AI powered solutions

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Expert AI Agents that know your products

Bottery AI Agents leverage their own vector data store allowing for RAG (retrieval augmented generation) powered responses leveraging NLP (natural language processing) across large data sets as well as tools to ingest information from websites, documents, or multimedia sources.

Agents without limits

Bottery AI Agents capabilities can be extended, giving them more features and offering more ways for users to interact including:

  • Animated 3D Avatars with speech synthesis, animation, speech recognition, and more.
  • Telephony functionality allowing your agents to handle inbound and outbound telephone calls.
  • Content generation capabilities allowing your Agents to write articles, generate images, produce videos, and record audio.

Go to market faster with Bottery

Don’t reinvent the wheel. By leveraging our modular tools and experience you can go from concept to market faster than ever. We deliver functional MVPs on most projects in just a week or two and we don’t slow down after that! We live and breathe rapid iteration and thrive on feedback. We’re not just a contractor, we want to be your partner and our assistance goes beyond development, from hosting, systems administration, web development, and more. We’ll bring our deep experience and knowledge to you from day 1.