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Scale your business with AI-powered solutions


What is Bottery?

Bottery Labs develops innovative AI powered solutions for use in customer service, marketing, and media production. Founded by a veteran software engineer with experience in hyper-scaling startups, Bottery endeavors to help SMBs and startups reduce costs and scale more effectively by leveraging cutting edge AI systems.

From customer support to media production, Bottery can assist your organization in it's growth while helping to keep recurring expenditures down. Bottery offers both turn-key and bespoke solutions tailored to your business requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

AI Video Production

Bottery's AI video production system can generate custom short-form videos for social media based on the content you publish. Automatically have videos generated based on your blog posts and news releases or based on topics you select.

Currently our AI video pipeline is being actively tested through the production of daily news update videos produced automatically and posted daily on TikTok. This allows us to continually evaluate and iterate to improve the system's ability to produce relevant and informative content.


Telephone Chat Bots

Our systems allow you to leverage modern AI that can engage in real-time voice conversations over the telephone or through other mediums.

AI Translation Tools

Bottery can produce built-to-purpose tools for text and audio translation allowing you to bring your content to a global audience. Web-based or desktop application based tools offer batch translation of your content to numerous languages.

AI Customer Support

Leverage Bottery's innovative support systems which provide turn-key ticketing systems with intergrated AI triage (tier 0-1) support. Our systems can scan your existing documentation to generate a knowledge base which can be leveraged by AI agents to provide domain specific knowledge. Support for email, web-based tickets, live chat, and telephone support.

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